Skylegs enhances your company's workflow through software & technology

in the cloud

We are driven by our passion for aviation and technology. Our web-based platform forms the basis for multi-purpose aviation products. From predefined modules to custom work. Any organization can benefit in terms of efficiency and cost via a profound return on investment.

Flexibility is our key asset. Our platform is made so that direct communication can be established with existing software and databases.


Your data is in safe hands

Skylegs makes use of a redundant viewpoint just like in aircraft development.

Our fail-safe design provides a reliable cloudbased platform backed with a database build for performance. We provide backup, security and confidentiality so you don't have to worry.

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Platform based development

Choose from default or customized modules build on top of our platform. We can provide solutions for your specific needs.

Our knowledge of aviation and engineering saves you time and money in the development stage.

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Verified by the community

With our platform as the basis, we build a community which feeds our central database with useful information.

The user feedback and validation is essential for us to make an intuitive and eyecatching application.

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External data linkage

Why would one rebuild existing and proven software and databases if you can unite them in a central package.

An integration of information provided by your own or third party software and hardware such as CFMU, Air Support PPS, ADS-B ... allows for your organization to move faster and more efficiently.

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